what I wanted to tell Flo today (27/12/14):

  • I thought the Downton Abbey Christmas special was total bullshit because they used rape as a means to further the plot again and it wasn’t okay the first time and dang when will male writers learn you can develop your female characters without hurting them!!! but Thomas got a lot of screen time so you probably would have liked it.
  • I’ve started working really hard revising. doing immunology is still hard.
  • Christmas was okay, you know? we never really do Christmas. my dad came over and was awkward, what’s new. but me and my mum and sister sat around watching tv after that, and even though our dynamic has felt kind of off since I left home it felt cozy. Christmas spirit-y, I guess. I just can’t imagine it was easy for your family. I didn’t know whether to write them that I was thinking of them or to leave them alone because Christmas is a day for family and not your dead family’s friends. I still can’t get over what good people they are. they deserve better than to be without you.
  • Rev B liked the facebook pic of my ‘happy birthday Jesus’ banner though.

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