what I wanted to tell Flo today (7/1/15):

  • Agent Carter premiered yesterday. Flo, it’s everything we dreamed about. Peggy Carter kicking ass, using lipstick and perfume and other people’s sexist stupidity to fight crime, having girl to girl bant, stroking Steve’s picture and rocking the 40’s aesthetic. and she put on a blonde wig and an American accent and you would have been screaming I mean she’s so your type anyway but she’s so your type as a blonde. her friend died and she started crying and I was like “same.” I wish you’d got to watch it with me.
  • they announced Benedict Cumberbatch’s fiancée is pregnant which means they were pregnant before they got engaged cause you don’t announce it til you’re 12 weeks. and they must have got engaged 6 or 7 weeks ago because you died 4 weeks ago and you were unresponsive for a few weeks before that, and I texted you when they got engaged because she’s a director and that means you’re his type but you didn’t reply. I think it’s the last text I sent you because you weren’t replying any more and I didn’t want to clog up your phone since we didn’t know what had happened to you. anyway I know you fancied him and I don’t see the appeal but if he’s trying to “do right by” their kid by marrying her before it’s born he must be a well-intentioned guy. so you were right as always.
  • Ollie said he feels like there’s too much stuff to learn before exams too, and he’s really smart so that makes me feel better about how much I’m drowning
  • I was the first one to go back to school and everyone keeps asking how is it because they’re as afraid as I was and I’m trying to reassure them because it’s really not that bad. but it’s really not that dreamy either.
  • do you think I should write to your parents again? I’d like to but I don’t know what to say. I just want them to know I haven’t forgotten about them, or you. oh. that’s what I write, I guess. thanks, Flo ❤

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