what I wanted to tell Flo today (19/2/15):

  • I passed my first semester exams!
  • everybody’s going out tonight to celebrate, and I can’t go clubbing because I don’t like it anyway and I know I’d get way too drunk to compensate for being uncomfortable and if I get drunk away from my own home I’ll cry and if I cry in public while drunk surrounded by my whole yeargroup I’ll just have to drop out. and that would be a waste because I passed my exams!! woohoo!
  • I’m going home for the weekend and seeing G who’s down from Scotland.
  • bloody hell, I feel almost happy right now.
  • (except I thought about watching the new season of Teen Wolf without you in June and choked up a little bit. but apart from that, a crying-free day, and you don’t get those that often.)

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