what I wanted to tell Flo today (9/4/15):

  • G made me this friendship bracelet and on her suggestion I’ve gotten into cathartic crafting. friendship bracelets at the minute, but I’m gonna branch out into embroidery, so I can make needle points of rap lyrics like Taylor Swift. it’s honestly quite addictive, it’s like when you get a new game on your phone and you can’t stop playing it, I can’t stop tying knots in fucking yarn and I’ve made like 7 bracelets in 3 days.
  • studying makes me so stressed and sad, and I need to not push myself over the edge at the minute, so I worked very hard for 2 days and minimally today, and I’m alright with that. now I’m just watching tv. and weaving like Little House on the fucking Prairie- I’m honestly so confused by this crafting compulsion.
  • I registered to vote and I might vote green because I’m a bleeding heart liberal and I like the NHS.
  • I can’t remember if I told you, but your boy Eddie Redmayne won an Oscar. I know you’d be over the moon.

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