what I wanted to tell Flo today (27/4/15):

  • I am sooo wiped, I had 6 hours of lectures today starting at 9am. we’ve got 4 weeks to finish the heart and do all of the kidney. this term is kicking my arse.
  • Age of Ultron was a total disappointment. so not worth the hours I spent crying beforehand because I didn’t want to see it without you – really, you’d be so embarrassed by the emotional turmoil that preceded me seeing this film. it got to the point where I was considering not going, but I made a really good bowl of pasta before I left and that settled me somewhat. cheesey carbs can fix anything.
  • back to the point: Natasha, Clint and Steve were characterised horribly, Bruce boringly, the others not so bad. Joss Whedon threw away all the work The Avengers and The Winter Soldier put into Clint/Natasha and paired her up with Bruce instead. they had no chemistry, possibly because Mark Ruffalo is a lot older than ScarJo, although they have the same birthday (it’s also my birthday, fun fact). I still wish I’d seen it with you. I want to know what you thought of it, like maybe your perspective would change my mind. tell you what, you would have loved Aaron Johnson making snarky comebacks in a vaguely Slavic accent, every bit as handsome as he was in Angus Thongs. but this didn’t hurt like it used to, having to do ‘us’ things alone. maybe because it was a bad movie.
  • I had a lovely facebook convo with your sister yesterday. I was really unsure if I should contact your family at all, I’ve written about that before. I figured they barely knew me before you got sick and they might be disgruntled by me offering support, like what right do I have bringing it up, preventing them from moving on, because I’m a kid and I don’t know them and I don’t know you like they do. at least that’s how I feel when people from school who barely know me and barely knew you try to talk to me about you and how I’m feeling. I should have known better. your whole family are so kind, like I don’t know your brother well but your sister is just about the loveliest woman on the planet, tied for the title with your mum maybe, and your dad is so funny and dadly and sweet. I say it all the time, but they deserve better to have lost you. anyway your sister’s got a job at your old primary school I’m going round to your house when I’m home from uni to hear all about it, and to see your parents’ new puppy. I don’t know what breed it is, but she sent me a picture and he’s absolutely gorgeous, like Truly will be jealous of the new baby no doubt. and they’re calling him Ziggy Stardust, just like you wanted ❤

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