what I wanted to tell Flo today (15/5/15):

I fucking love you, Flo. I’m listening to your chemo playlist while I study, for the first time since you died. I used to play it all the time when you were ill, because imagining we were both listening to it at the same time made me feel like we were together, in a way, like “we’re looking up at the same moon” kind of thing. anyway I was just about to get sentimental about your great taste in music when, with perfect timing, My Enormous Penis came on shuffle. fucking hell did that make me laugh. I mean it’s a very empowering song, I can see why it would be on your positivity playlist, despite you not having a penis of any size. it was just… very you to interrupt my self-pity moment with humour, you know?.love you, Flo.

(PS I’m not nearly as hysterical as I was the other day. see, I knew it would pass.)


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