Flo was the most wickedly funny, breathtakingly clever, immeasurably kind and generous and thoughtful and loyal friend. Flo was incomprehensibly brave. Flo died from an infection secondary to acute myeloid leukaemia on 09/12/14.

I’m a 19 year old with no idea how to cope with grief, but I think writing letters to Flo might help.


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  1. Christmas day of 2014, my best friend of 25 years had a stroke. I rushed from Seattle to Texas, sat by her bed for 11 days. Helped the family “decide” what to do when the doctors told us the stroke was progressing, she would never recover, forever need tubes, bags, and attendants. I had to get home on January 6th. On the 8th, my best friend, Melissa, passed away.
    So, you see, I write “Dear Mel” letters. On my blog, on my Facebook, in a black paper empty book, on Word. I too don’t know how to deal with my grief, my loss, my anger. The “I lost my best friend” club SUCKS.
    I too just started some grief counseling. I’ll be utilizing grief support groups after a while as well.
    Thanks for putting this blog up. It is the first thing that came up when I entered “Grief” in my search. I know there are people out there someplace that understand the fuck all I feel, as well as don’t feel.


    • thank you so for sharing your story too. it means the moon to know other people in the same situation are hanging in there. I really hope counselling is a help. talk to me any time x


  2. I’m sorry for your loss. I hope that through your writing you’ll be able to find some peace, or whatever it is you seek. This is a beautiful project and a lovely way to honour your friend. Grief and mourning take so many different forms but remember to be kind to yourself as you work through the different emotions and you have people here to support you and listen including me. x


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